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DROM, INC. Provides Three Types of Community Services which includes:

1). Residential
2). Personal Support
3). Respite Services

We work with Resource Coordinators, Psychologist and Health Care Professionals to provide Optimum Care Services our Individuals deserve in their choosing.


DROM, INC. incorporates Community residential models that accommodate the wide range of choices individuals and their families will make about how to live in the community. DROM, INC. Community residential models are designed to give preferences to these individuals to have a wide range of options about where to live in the community.

The ALU is a single family home that provides the needed housing care and services of home in a relaxed, satisfying, safe environment and modern lifestyle.

Alternative living units (ALU); includes all the amenities of home; daily home cooked meals and snacks.


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Personal Support is a DDA funded program that assists individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their life except vocational services. Individuals who need assistance in residing in their own homes, rental units, or with family may need individual supports to live as independently as possible. The services provided are based on a certain number of hours per week that are established based on individual needs.


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DROM provides planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and children with a developmental delay and adults with an intellectual disability in order to support and maintain the primary care giving relationship. DROM also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care.

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